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The time is now … to clean the slate of the heart.

Offering Ministry Services to Bring You Peace

Welcome to Spiritual Compost

Spiritual Compost offers services dedicated to healing humanity.  We focus on ministry services using the practices of SACRED SIN CONFESSIONS and DIVORCE CEREMONIES.

A Divorce Ceremony is a ritual similar to a wedding, but it is a dissolution or breaking of the spiritual vows or agreements you and your ex-spouse may have made during the wedding.

Divorce Ceremonies can:

~help you create a friendship after divorce

~ease disagreements

~nurture healthy co-parenting

~aid in moving on from your breakup peacefully and gracefully. 

Divorce ceremonies are very beneficial if children are involved and there are split households in discord.  Often when marriages end, there can be intense negative feelings between the couple, and this practice of ceremony is an incredible opportunity to bring harmony and healing to both parties. 

Divorce Ceremonies:

~enables the separated couple to move forward in their individual lives

~find resolution and forgiveness after the marriage

~help create a more positive relationship

~creates healthy boundaries with an ex-spouse.

Divorce Ceremonies can involve both people or just one person.

Sometimes in life people make certain choices and actions they deeply regret.  The Greek word for sin is Amartia – which means “to miss the mark”.  Heavy guilt and deep shame can be debilitating to a person’s life and spirit – especially if the person holds onto that regret and constantly beats themselves up over it.


~is a formal opportunity to be witnessed and absolved of past mistakes, regrets, condemnation, guilt, blame, or shame, or anything needing witnessing to bring release and absolute forgiveness. 

~are a complete, yet gentle purification of one’s past misdeeds or mistakes.  

~are completely confidential and voluntary.

~are similar to confession in Catholic tradition, but the process is not religious. 

All of humanity can benefit from this powerful practice, which truly bring special blessings of grace and a happier future!

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